Spotlight!: Overjoyed

OverjoyedA short while ago I made myself a playlist of my favourite submissions I’ve received while running this blog. It was only after I finished and took a step back to admire it that I noticed something; there were more songs from Swedish acts than anywhere else in the world. Listening to the debut EP from Gothenburg based indie trio Overjoyed just further fuels the thought that there must be something in the water over there. A Look of Fear, a Lack of Feeling seems to just appear out of nowhere to steal the show as one of the finest indie releases of 2018. The bright riffs and exceptional bass on ‘Downer’ duck and weave around each other like they’re locked in some high stakes race, while the bittersweet ‘Taxi Driver’ feels like an energetic ode to The Cure. The piano balladry of ‘Love Me Louder’ offers a more sombre and stripped back feel, before launching straight into the upbeat and ephemeral ‘Lights’. ‘Sweetheart’ takes a darker approach with it’s menacing opening riff and ‘Skin’ builds from a sparse opening to a thunderous climax complete with raw, impassioned vocals and emphatic drums. Overjoyed’s brand of “sadpop” offers infectious melodies, deeper meanings, and above all the need to just have more of it in your life.

Fans of The Cure, Vampire Weekend, The Smiths and The Vaccines should check out their debut EP A Look of Fear, a Lack of Feeling out 3rd August