Top Tracks: Emma’s Lounge – Gimme Yer Love

It takes a mere few seconds for it to register that you’re in for a fun ride with ‘Gimme Yer Love’. With opening keys that sound like something straight out of a carnival, this latest track from North Carolina natives Emma’s Lounge appeals to your sense of childlike innocence and encourages you to lose your inhibitions and enjoy the moment. Taken from their new album Confluence out 12th October, this funky number boasts an irresistible chorus, glowing melodies and an unwavering whirl of positive energy. The band have truly thrown everything they’ve got at this track, and the end result sounds like Haim operating on overdrive. A song this exuberant and infectious must be the product of a secret lab dedicated to creating the most danceable groove imaginable, it’s the only logical explanation for a song so full of life and unreservedly joyous.