Top Tracks: Andrée Theander – Words I’ve Never Used

I do love a song that knows how to kick things up a notch. Those moments when you’re just drifting along in still waters and suddenly the floodgates open and you can’t help but get caught up in the rush. That’s not to say the softer moments that start ‘Words I’ve Never Used’ don’t have heaps of charm and character, and some impressive acoustic guitar to boot, but it’s in the latter half that Swedish singer/songwriter Andrée Theander really shows us what he’s made of. This Americana tinged arena rock anthem delivers potent hooks to draw you in deeper, with gritty vocals reminiscent in places of Chris Daughtry. Though lyrically it deals with constant bickering breaking down a relationship, when it comes to the song itself ‘Word I’ve Never Used’ carries an infectious vibe that simply can’t be argued with.