Top Tracks: Copper Leaf – White Noise

The pursuit of perfection is often counterproductive. In trying to make things as polished and precise as possible, much of the humanity gets lost. There’s something about ramshackle art, the sense of something being thrown together in the heat of the moment, that adds no end of charm. Life itself is one great mess after all. ‘White Noise’ captures that feeling perfectly; not only in its message that the everyday chaos blinds us to the things that really matter, but more so in its endearingly haphazard delivery. Combining the rustic charm of Americana with reckless punk energy, the end result is so raw and invigorating. The studio chatter that bookends the song, the raucous bombastic approach and the raw untamed guitar solo at the centre speak of a band that are in it for the music, just for the sheer fun of playing. That’s the kind of band you want in your life. Let their joy become your own, just dive in to the music and ride the wave as they do.