Top Tracks: Kita Menari – Into The Dark

It’s hard to find meaning in routine. It’s hard to feel a sense of purpose when you keep experiencing the same patterns in life, no matter how hard you try to break away and do things differently. Humans are creatures of habit, we live our lives according to cycles and habits, often without even realising it. ‘Into The Dark’ details a desire to break free from the system, but ultimately being too caught up in it to see a way out. However I’d be thankful to be stuck in such a loop if it meant repeat listens of this track. Amsterdam based indie pop artist Micha de Jonge, under his moniker Kita Menari, offers shimmering synths, an infectious groove and a chorus so aglow with glorious melodies that it could make even the most mundane of days feel extraordinary. This first single from forthcoming EP Dreaming All The Time is a song which, contrary to its message, you will find yourself coming back to like clockwork.