Top Tracks: Paper Waltz – The Closest

There’s all kinds of songs in the world. Music with vastly different styles and structures, with deeply contrasting moods and meanings. Despite this wealth of contrast and variety in the music we consume, we usually celebrate all the songs we love in exactly the same way; namely we listen to them again. It’s just human nature isn’t it? We keep the same song spinning on repeat, basking in every note and burning an imprint onto our brain until we move on to something else. This is the case with 99% of songs we love, but every so often we come across a song like ‘The Closest’ that demands the opposite. Steeped in meaning, melody and melancholy (and with a gorgeous stop-motion video to boot), this track from German duo Paper Waltz is testament to the fact that the saddest songs are the most beautiful. It’s the kind of song that demands your full attention, followed by a moment or two of quiet reflection to take it all in. One listen is all it takes for songs like this to occupy your mind all day long. It may be a while before you come back to listen to it again, but that only ensures that every time you hear it will be just as magical and affecting as the first time.