Top Tracks: Jacob Westfall – Burn Me Down

There is so much that is woven into the intricate fabric that is you and I. All the little daily rituals, all the cherished memories, a network of feelings and morals. We’re all little more than a jumbled mess of quirks and idiosyncrasies manning a trenchcoat and playing at being a person. It’s often difficult to separate ourselves from the pieces that make up who we are; pull too hard at one thread and the whole thing may unravel. All this can make for a daunting prospect however when it comes to the parts of ourselves that we long to change. ‘Burn Me Down’ deals with the inner turmoil that stems from addiction. Whether it’s a substance, a sensation or a person, the end result is the same – it becomes a crutch that you lean too heavily upon. The only option is to let it keep corrupting its way deeper into your spirit, or to take a torch to your darker side in the hope of building a better you from the ashes. This sublime slow-burning track from Portland based artist Jacob Westfall explores this journey in spectacular fashion. Opening with a soft and melancholic folk arrangement, with Jacob’s gritty vocals at its heart, before kicking up a gear with a lush and enrapturing Americana vibe. At its climax an emphatic drum fill launches us into a tempestuous bluesy solo to offer the release that the song has been so perfectly building towards right from the very first note.