Spotlight!: Francesca Louise

francesca louiseThere’s a whole lot of solace to be found in sad songs. When an artist pours their heart out and releases all their fear and sorrow into the world, odds are it will find its way to someone who sees their own struggles reflected in the music. Finding comfort and reassurance rarely means having all the answers, often just the act of knowing you’re not alone, that other people are dealing with the same thoughts and feelings, is enough to keep you going. With her debut EP Melancholic Antidote, London based singer/songwriter Francesca Louise not only provides the perfect term to describe the process of fighting sadness with sadness, but also offers a prime example of it in action. Francesca is the kind of artist who holds nothing back, brave enough to bare her soul and share her fears and doubts with the world. Earnest songwriting is like a smile; you can tell when a smile is forced and when there’s a genuine spark in their eye that lights up the room. That same spark is woven into the very fabric of this EP.

The soulful lead single ‘Out of Sight (Out Of Mind)‘ reflects on how being open with your feelings and keeping them bottled up can be equally difficult paths, while gorgeous break-up ballad ‘You Don’t Love Me Now’ delights with its tender vocal melodies and soft guitar notes that drift blissfully by like dandelion seeds on the breeze. The plaintive folk of ‘If I’m Wrong’ is the perfect respite for any world weary souls who feel like nothing is going their way, and pairs brilliantly with the elegant instrumental title track. ‘Ride The Waters’ is the record’s most upbeat offering, with its empowering message of inner strength and self-worth driven home by the expressive bass line, while standout track ‘Seasons Change’ is a stunning slow burner that builds toward an emphatic crescendo. Highlighting how daunting and confusing change can be, and how sometimes we struggle to see how our own life has slowly changed for the better until we see it from someone else’s eyes, it’s the finest example yet of Francesca’s gift for candid lyricism and rich mellow arrangements.

Fans of Lucy Rose, Gabrielle Aplin, Billie Marten and Carole King should check out Francesca’s debut EP Melancholic Antidote.