Top Tracks: Slow Pulp – Montana

I think at this point 2020’s never-ending doldrums and looming sense of dread have brought everyone’s spirits low to some degree. Though we’re all facing much the same struggle, it hits far harder for some more than others. For those who have struggled with their mental health, and have fought hard to keep their demons at bay and find peace of mind, the toll that this year has taken can be difficult to bear. It’s a devastating setback that can feel as though it’s undone years of hard to work. With this latest cut from their debut album Moveys, Chicago based Slow Pulp offer a reminder to try not to define yourself by your mental health. There’s no straight line from struggle to salvation, it’s a constant up and down with plenty of bumps in the road. ‘Montana’ pleads patience and forgiveness, to not beat yourself up when you falter but to take what time you need to recover before you can start moving forward again. The dreamy vocals, soft slide guitar and the gorgeous heartwarming harmonica serve as a comforting hand on your shoulder to say “hey, we all stumble sometimes, but if you’re patient with yourself then you’ll get there in the end”.