Interview: Amber Run

AMBER RUN_ HIGH RES_ DAH_1934-2Belwood favourites Amber Run have had one hell of a year. Their new album For A Moment, I Was Lost somehow surpassed their stunning debut with the greatest of ease, and secured them a place in my mind as the touchstone of gold standard indie rock. It saw them explore a more mature sound, and showcased the band firing on all cylinders. Following on from their incredible record, and in between their busy tour schedule, they’ve somehow found time to record a new acoustic EP. I had a quick chat to frontman Joe Keogh about the band’s whirlwind year:  Continue reading


Interview: Bearstronaut

bearstronaut2Blending solid musicality with enormous stage personality, Bearstronaut are the answer to the demand for better dance music. Hailing from Boston, the four members of Bearstronaut have been working hard; not to set a place for themselves within a current genre precedent, but rather to set their own standard, as well as invite listeners to be a part of the celebration. Sometimes jubilant and exclamatory, other times soulful and expressive, the band’s first album Telecoast, has delivered the brilliant introduction to what promises to be an exciting body of work. After having experienced Bearstronaut at a recent show in Los Angeles, I was excited to speak more with charismatic frontman, Dave Martineau, about the album, the band’s recent successes, and about what comes next:  Continue reading

Interview: Bent Knee

bent knee interviewBoston’s Bent Knee have to be the most remarkable and unparalleled band to emerge this past decade. Their genre bending music defies all expectations and classifications like no other act I know, and their new record Land Animal takes their inventive art rock to new heights. Already set to be one of the finest albums of the year, I just had to talk to the band about their latest creation. I was lucky enough to chat to astonishing frontwoman Courtney Swain about the record:  Continue reading

Interview: The Last Dinosaur

the last dinosaur

Photo by Alexandra Cameron

Regardless of what the rest of the year offers, to me The Nothing is the essential album of 2017. This cathartic creation composed about the loss of a childhood friend rivals Nick Cave’s Skeleton Tree as the most powerful and personal record of the decade. With its uplifting atmosphere, poignant lyrics and deftly moving instrumental passages, it’s the kind of record you simply want to fade away into and never leave. I spoke to gifted songwriter Jamie Cameron about his new masterpiece: Continue reading

Interview: Common Tongues

common tongues interview2017 is turning out to be a spectacular year for music, and it’s getting to the point where it’s hard to pick out favourites. I have no doubt in my mind however that Brighton band Common Tongues have released one of the strongest debuts of the year. Their eclectic album Divisions shifts with the greatest of ease between genres, providing a whistle-stop tour of everything from folk to electronica, indie to prog. Naturally I just had to chat to them about their fantastic new record:  Continue reading

Interview: The Lunar Year

the lunar year interviewPhiladelphia band The Lunar Year has easily been one of my favourite new discoveries of 2017. Combining pensive and poignant piano ballads with raw indie rock, they made one hell of a first impression with their debut album Herodias. Having offered some of my personal highlights of the year, naturally I just had to find out more about the album. With her unique vocals and affecting lyricism, I was overjoyed to be able to chat with frontwoman Katie Burke about the new record: Continue reading

Interview: Ailbhe Reddy

ailbhe reddy interviewThere is a lot of new music to be excited about this year, but one of my favourite new discoveries of 2017 has been Dublin based singer/songwriter Ailbhe Reddy. Her latest release Attach To Memory has been one of the best EPs of the year thus far, shifting seamlessly between indie, folk and electropop, all interconnected by her unique and memorable vocal style. I was lucky enough to chat to her about her new EP:  Continue reading

Interview: Levy & The Oaks

levy and the oaksHailing from Asbury Park, New Jersey, Levy & The Oaks bring together classic, homegrown folk and Americana, with nuanced pop production and accessibility to create a sound that is entirely their own. After releasing their eponymous debut just last year, the band have wasted no time in releasing their new unplugged EP Out Of The Blue. The sparse arrangements on offer within have breathed new life into the tracks. I chatted to Lou Panico about Levy & The Oaks’ latest acoustic adventures ahead of the upcoming EP:  Continue reading

Interview: Evening Darling

evening darling bandFew things stir the soul as much as that lust for adventure, that longing for the open road that lives inside all of us, and few bands capture that feeling as well as New York’s Evening Darling. The endearing Americana of their debut record has made them one of the most promising new acts to emerge in 2017, with their song ‘Another Long Drive’ leading the way as an early favourite for Belwood’s song of the year. I was lucky enough to chat to the band about their new self-titled album: Continue reading

Interview: Chronologist

chronologistI must confess that whenever I’m not listening to one of the numerous and wonderful submissions that the site receives, I’m often busy exploring the world of prog rock and prog metal. With the incomparable complexity of the music and the grandiose concepts, there is simply nothing else to rival it in terms of ambition and technical skill. Chronologist, a new band on the scene from Austin, Texas, are proving to be a promising up-and-coming addition to the genre. I spoke with their drummer Zach Sacco about their debut album Cartographer: Continue reading