Top Tracks: Alex Francis – Free

After being blown away by his track ‘All I’ve Got‘ last year, the incredible Alex Francis is back. His new single ‘Free’ shows a different, more soulful side to him, as it shares its message about not letting doubts hold you back from living the life you want. The lush instrumentation and flawless production brings this song to a whole other level. The superb bass tone really drives the song forward and the little tripped out R&B flourishes make the track shimmer like heat haze on the horizon on some golden summer’s day. There’s a lot of new elements to be found here, but it stays the same where it really counts. ‘Free’ still boasts Alex’s wonderfully powerful and versatile voice. and the same masterful hooks that you could just sit and listen to for hours. Slick, infectious and effortlessly cool, after this track I almost get the impression that Alex Francis can do no wrong.

Top Tracks: Alex Francis – All I’ve Got

Music isn’t an exact science, there’s no ready-made formula for success. People can spend their lives working to make a hit, and sometimes, as with ‘All I’ve Got’, all the elements can come together as if by magic to create something truly compelling and timeless. This track, taken from his upcoming EP A Stronger Love out 1st December, really lets his gritty vocals steal the spotlight in its more subdued, bluesy moments, before kicking into full-blown anthemic territory in the killer chorus. Talking about how we need to take a step back from this material world and focus on the people who really matter, the lyrics keep to the same high standard set by the music. This really is up there with some of the best work that any modern singer/songwriters I’ve heard have to offer.