Interview: Big Kettle Drum

big kettle drumWith their latest EP I Thought You’d Be Bigger, Florida based duo Big Kettle Drum dabble in the kind of music that you don’t listen to, so much as feel every note from somewhere deep within. Brant Christopher Menswar and JT Keel have explored their soulful side with this latest release, but while still maintaining their hard-wearing signature sound steeped in old-school blues and Americana that won them their fiercely loyal fanbase. I fired a few quick questions their way to find out more about this latest release.   Continue reading

Top Tracks: Big Kettle Drum – Bring That Love To Me

How long does it take you to love a song? Some take years before they finally click, some manage to catch you on the first listen. ‘Bring That Love To Me’ took less than five seconds. A hearty little drum intro, a rich old-school organ sound, and a splash of warm welcoming brass was all it took to assure me that I was in for a good time. This latest track from Florida’s Big Kettle Drum, taken from their new EP I’d Thought You’d Be Bigger, offers lashings of classic Motown vibes adorned with a gritty Southern charm. This soulful little number is pretty close to faultless, and carries that all too rare universal appeal. This song is like a magic spell that brings warmth and contentment to whoever hears it.