Live Review: Bon Iver, Leeds Arena, 19th Nov 2022

When I was younger I definitely went to a lot more gigs completely on a whim. Heading off to see a band just because I could, just because they were there! Cramming concerts into already busy schedules without a thought for repercussions. Picking up tickets for gigs without it ever entering into my head how I plan on getting there and back. I’d like to think I’m older and wiser… but I’m still terribly forgetful when it comes to the logistics of getting to gigs. I’ll admit however that these days my gig going schedule has a lot more purpose – ticking off the list of acts I wanna see before I die, prioritising certain tours to better the chances of hearing my favourite tracks etc. But you need to do something in a spur of the moment every now and then, right? And seeing Bon Iver was one of my best “heat of the moment” gig experiences. Continue reading

Best Albums of the 2010s (#25-1)

albums2As we move into the second half of our deep dive into the finest records of the past ten years, things certainly haven’t gotten any easier. At many times this list became a real battle between head and heart; between the records with a profound personal connection and those that hold great influence and importance in the wider scheme of things. After much soul searching we’ve struck upon the right balance between the two for our final look at the best albums of the decade. (If you missed part one, you can check it out here) Continue reading

Must Own Albums: Modern Marvels part 2

TheNational-BoxerThe National – Boxer

Brimming with dark melancholy, but also with a an inescapable air of worldly wisdom, it’s hard not to be moved by The National. Boxer is the perfect album for contemplation and escapism, for times when you feel disillusioned with the whole of life and humanity and you need something to cling onto to stop you from drifting away into the abyss. When all else fails this album brings comfort.

bon iverBon Iver – Bon Iver

Before you have even listened to this album, one look at what is possibly the most beautiful album artwork ever designed should tell you that this is something special. The band have grown from the folk origins of their debut For Emma, Forever Ago and have expanded into a grand yet delicate baroque pop soundscape. A thoroughly enrapturing listen from start to finish.

ryan adams heartbreakerRyan Adams – Heartbreaker

Following the collapse of his band Whiskeytown, Adams went on to create his first solo album. The raw honesty of his lyrics and the passion of their delivery led to a prolific career and Whiskeytown was soon forgotten. The intense beauty of songs like ‘Oh My Sweet Carolina’ and ‘Come Pick Me Up’ have resulted in them becoming some of his most well loved hits.

tame-impala-lonerismTame Impala – Lonerism

With the release of their second album Tame Impala proved themselves to be Australia’s greatest creative force. The mesmerising psychedelica of tracks such as ‘Elephant’ and ‘Feels Like We Only Go Backwards’ hark back to the heady hey day of the late 60s, and yet it feels so refreshingly modern like a vision of an alternate musical future. Indulgent, lavish and expansive it feels like a whole new world waiting to be discovered.