Top Tracks: Caity Krone – Thank You for the Sunday Paper

At times like this when we’re holed up at home with little more than our own thoughts for company, our minds often wander to people that we’d rather not think about. Whether it is someone who hurt you and left you feeling broken, or someone you loved and lost who left an empty void in their wake, it’s all to easy to dwell on the memories of those who leave a mark on our lives. Sometimes so much so that we begin to lose ourselves in the process. We begin to feel like the shadow of the person we used to be when they were still around, and it can be a struggle just to get through each day as we slowly try to build ourselves back up. The gorgeous piano balladry of singer/songwriter Caity Krone’s latest track shares exactly what it’s like to carry such a burden. This stunning number shares how debilitating it can be when you’re drowning in memories of someone else, but underneath also acknowledges that each little victory is a step along the road to finding yourself again.