Top Tracks: Caleb Kopta – Foreign Language

My first listen of ‘Foreign Language’ was almost enough to make me do the auditory equivalent of a double take. We’ve been big fans of Caleb’s wanderlust inducing Americana, so this foray into synth driven territory marks an ambitious shift in sound. Altogether more lush and nuanced, it builds upon layered synths, expressive bass tones and atmospheric guitar textures to construct a song that feels very much like being a small figure in a big world. Walking the streets of a sprawling city aglow with neon lights in search of something real. Lyrically it seems fitting that it deals with our over-reliance on technology to form and maintain connections, almost like a nostalgic look back on his own work and the simple life of the open road. Caleb nails his new sound with real flair and conviction, but still carries with him a knack for potent hooks and addictive melodies.

Interview: Caleb Kopta

caleb koptaThough album releases have been a little inconsistent thus far this year, 2018 has been proving to be the strongest year for singles since this site started. Some of the best examples have come from Pennsylvania based artist Caleb Kopta and his synth tinged Americana, evoking the likes of Ryan Adams and Bear’s Den. His latest track ‘Anything’ is the kind of song that you could look back on one day as an important part of the soundtrack to the best days of your life. I had a quick chat with him about how his enthralling Americana sound came about and where it may lead him next: Continue reading

Top Tracks: Caleb Kopta – Burning House

If it wasn’t for the difference in vocals, you could almost just close your eyes and get lost in ‘Burning House’ and be left thinking that it was a new track from Ryan Adams. Occupying that same perfect balance between honest, heartwarming Americana and expansive, ethereal indie rock, Pennsylvania based singer/songwriter Caleb Kopta simply excels with this new single. With its infectious hook, gorgeous melodies and lush instrumentation, this track is a must-hear for fans of The Killers, The War On Drugs and Matthew and the Atlas. Superbly well-crafted and effortlessly cool, this latest release following his debut EP Ghost seems set to be one of the standout singles of the summer. In ‘Burning House’ we find the embers of greatness all set to catch given the right opportunity. Caleb Kopta has hit upon a winning formula with this track, and if he can keep it up he’ll be a real one-to-watch very soon.