Spotlight!: Cameron Jones

cameron jonesGreat art need not come in the form of some grand sweeping gesture. Sometimes the most humble and unassuming creations can have the most profound effect on us, providing that they come from the heart. In the case of Cameron Jones, he just seems to radiate beautiful melodies as though with all the effortless ease of breathing. Crafting mature and refined songs that exude elegance and encompass you like the morning mist, and with a voice as pure as some faultless crystal, Cameron is one of the most gifted new singer/songwriters on the scene. ‘Let Me In’ builds up layers of atmospheric synths, dreamy guitar tones and expressive percussion to form a chilled out indie vibe reminiscent of The Paper Kites. The driving beat and simple yet illuminating riffs of ‘Love You Save Me’ pull you in deeper and deeper as the song progresses, while the stripped back piano balladry of ‘Warning’ gives Cameron’s vocals a chance to shine. Cameron Jones is yet to disappoint, and should that continue then we may have something deeply special from him in the near future.

Fans of Holy Holy, Lorne, The Paper Kites and Meadowlark should check out his latest EP Warning.

Top Tracks: Cameron Jones – Call It Off

I’m a big lover of complex music that pushes the boundaries. But no matter how talented you are, it doesn’t mean anything without heart. It usually ends up being the simplest of songs that create the deepest connections with their audience. That is just the case with up-and-coming singer/songwriter Cameron Jones. His latest track ‘Call It Off’ follows a dark and simple folky path, but there is a palpable sense of emotion in his lyrics and their delivery. Honest and sincere, with just the right level of production to let the track truly flourish, Cameron has done everything right. It’s the kind of song that people will be racing to use as the perfect emotive soundtrack for big blockbuster dramas. Mark my words, you haven’t heard the last of Cameron Jones.