Critic’s Choice: Indientry

indientry.jpgIt’s that time again, where we like to promote some of our favourite fellow blogs and find out some of their current favourite music. This month it’s the turn of the lovely Abby from US blog Indientry, based in Columbus, Ohio. I consider myself well versed in music, but even I feel lost amongst all that’s offered on Indientry. The site is like a lucky dip, even if there’s no names that immediately jump out at you, you can be sure that you can dive in anywhere and expect to find something new and exciting. There are few sites so diverse when it comes to genre. Anything you can imagine, and some things that I doubt I ever could, can be found within. If I’ve caught your interest then here’s a taste of what you can find over at Indientry.  Continue reading

Critic’s Choice: Peanut Mixtape

peanut mixtapeThis month’s edition of “Critic’s Choice” brings you five fresh picks from Dale from Peanut Mixtape. Music writers are music fans first and foremost, and all the best reviews are written lovingly. Browsing through Peanut Mixtape you find reviews written with a whole lot of heart, and a dash of humour to boot. When someone connects with the music, they in turn are better equipt to get you to form a connection with it, and it soon becomes clear reading the site that here is someone who really believes in the music. So, without further ado, here’s a selection of some of PM’s most loved bands:  Continue reading

Critic’s Choice: gigsandfreudianslips

gigsandfreudianslipsWelcome to the first installment of a new feature, where we welcome other music bloggers that we know and love to share some of their favourite up-and-coming artists and underrated acts. Kicking things off is Georgia from gigsandfreudianslips: “In the music blogging game, you naturally come across a ton of acts who are unsigned and you just think ‘this is audacious; they aren’t signed yet the freaking Chainsmokers are??!’. Unsigned and smaller acts struggle to obtain the same amount of promotion as the bigger names, and work A LOT HARDER for slithers of column inches talking about their music, which is why a large emphasis on my blog has been on acts who fall in this bracket. Here are five unsigned / signed but still upcoming acts I take pleasure in introducing the readers of Belwood Music to.

Continue reading