Critic’s Choice: Peanut Mixtape

peanut mixtapeThis month’s edition of “Critic’s Choice” brings you five fresh picks from Dale from Peanut Mixtape. Music writers are music fans first and foremost, and all the best reviews are written lovingly. Browsing through Peanut Mixtape you find reviews written with a whole lot of heart, and a dash of humour to boot. When someone connects with the music, they in turn are better equipt to get you to form a connection with it, and it soon becomes clear reading the site that here is someone who really believes in the music. So, without further ado, here’s a selection of some of PM’s most loved bands: 

The Pale White

A Geordie trio which are going to make it massive and that’s not even me being bias for the hometown heroes. Their eponymous EP came out less than a month ago but it’s already made ripples in the water for them. With a drummer that rivals the best of them, a rock sensibility and blues’ slickness you just can’t beat them so you may as well join them. 

Desmond and the Tutus

This band delivers a punchy, dancey, move all around-y dose of pop with every new release they bring. Every element of each track is so tight and so well produced that it’s hard to do anything other than just turn it up a little bit and let the beats move your hips for you.


The dreamy psych pop genre seems to be gaining traction by the day and Llovers are Teesside’s answer to the call, delivering tunes that demand a tapping foot and shaking hips. There’s a natural quirk to their music so it’s just as groovy as it is dreamy, there’s a balance that works so well it’s outstanding. 

Youth Killed It

These cheeky chaps are long time favourites, with the irresistibly punky edge that cuts with tongue in cheek lyrics it’s perfect. There’s a realness to the subject of Youth Killed It’s songs such as failing exams and getting a real job which enigmatic frontman, Jack Murphy, always puts a spin on to keep it light and punchy. 


Bristol’s soon-to-be darlings are an absolute dream. Their Asleep in the Sun EP is something of a band far beyond the bands on Marigolds’ level. ‘Chamomile’ is a song that I just keep going back to, they’ve hit the hazy indie sweet spot, the song taking on a life of their own through the slinky, beachy guitars. 

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