Top Ten EPs of 2019

top ten epsEvery year when list season comes around it’s always the EP list that proves to be the most difficult. It’s a hotly contested category, with plenty of worthy releases in contention for a place in the top ten, and 2019 was no exception. After much deliberation however, we have our winners! Continue reading

Small but Mighty: Why we need an EP chart


It should come as no surprise that the music industry is constantly changing. In my lifetime alone I’ve seen the rise and fall of downloads, the emergence of streaming services and the surprise return of vinyl. For the most part the official charts company has moved with the times and brought out special dedicated charts for streaming and vinyl, as well as counting them towards the main charts. However there is one important aspect of the modern music industry that they have thus far steered clear of: EPs. Continue reading

EP vs LP: The format of choice?


Mainstream media love telling us that albums are dead. They say that LPs are a thing of the past and that singles rule the world. But since the advent of the digital age, a new contender has arisen. EPs are becoming an increasingly popular music format, especially amongst up-and-coming artists. Where has this change come from and which format is best. Continue reading