Interview: Gozer Goodspeed

gozer goodspeed

Photo by thelazyphotographer

With three EPs to his name in as many years, Plymouth based blues-man Gozer Goodspeed appears to be on a roll. His latest release Impossible To Pick Up introduces a range of new elements and influences that push the boundaries of what can be called an acoustic release. Rest assured though that his latest EP is still a must for fans of all things old-school folk and blues. I had a chat with him about his latest release, and about what the future holds:  Continue reading

Spotlight!: Gozer Goodspeed

gozer goodspeed

Photo by Sandra Vilimaite

Armed with little more than an acoustic guitar and his trusty hat, Plymouth based singer/songwriter Gozer Goodspeed has crafted his own unique blend of classic blues and traditional English folk. Unplugged, understated and under no pressure to follow petty trends, here is a man carving his own path in this busy industry. ‘Every Night, Saturn’s Rings’ sees his guitar work at it’s most light and airy, and the more attentive listener might discern a few hints of Bono in the vocals. ‘What You Got Going On, Lewis?’ throws some piano into the mix to create a sound akin to a blend of the Rolling Stones and some old wild west saloon. The mandolin heavy ‘Barrel Headlong Into The Night’, the title track of Gozer’s forthcoming second EP, brings to mind the pastoral, yet vaguely exotic, soundscapes of Led Zeppelin III. Gozer Goodspeed’s foot-tapping blues and carefree folk are the product of an honest and down-to-Earth musician driven by a love of what he does.

Fans of Dan Owen, Seafret, Scott Lloyd and Jake Bugg should check out his Barrel Headlong Into The Night EP out 19th May