Top Ten Songs of 2017

top ten songsHope you all had a lovely Christmas! It’s that time of year again; as 2017 draws to a close we’ll be talking about Belwood’s highlights of the year gone by, starting with our favourite songs. It’s been no easy task to whittle it down to just ten tracks, there’s been a lot of outstanding music released this past year. With a healthy mix of acts both old and new, large and small, it’s our strongest list yet. Hopefully you can find a few hidden gems here that you missed first time around, or just jam along all over again!  Continue reading

Top Tracks: Hajk – Best Friend

There’s very few times when I find myself lost for words, but this is one of those rare occasions. There is simply no recommendation I can give that will properly do this song justice. This stellar single from Oslo based band Hajk is about as close to perfect as indie pop gets. The piano melodies, the bright riffs, the uplifting harmonies all come together to bring joy from heartbreak, and portray the end of a friendship through rose-tinted glasses. With plenty of throwback 80s charm and a thoroughly addictive chorus, it’s a track that will follow you for a long time. I don’t know if lightning strikes twice, but if their upcoming eponymous debut has anything even half as good as ‘Best Friend’ then Hajk are definitely one to watch!