Top Ten Songs of 2020

If this year has taught me anything, it’s that no matter how crazy things get, there’s always a song out there to keep you grounded. A little musical oasis to take sanctuary in when you lose your way. Each track here has in some way provided just the escape I needed at some point this past year, and hopefully they can offer you the same: Continue reading

Top Tracks: Hannah Grace – Blue

It’s been well documented that we’re all our own harshest critics, but something you rarely see mentioned is that we’re also our own best friends. When we are at our lowest, more often than not it falls on us to pull ourselves up out of the darkness. In essence ‘Blue’ is all about self love, about being so exhausted and exasperated with feeling down that you channel every last bit of energy you possess into feeling positive. That positivity simply radiates from this track, from its earworm melodies, from its stunning soulful vocals, and from the golden glow of its gorgeous retro video. It is the kind of song that just lights up the room. After a string of stripped back piano ballads it’s wonderful to hear Belwood favourite Hannah Grace releasing music to make you want to get up and dance and cast all your doubts and worries aside. While we may often have to pull ourselves up out of the darkness, often I find it is joyful songs like this that help light the way forward.

Top Tracks: Hannah Grace – The Bed You Made

The ever astounding Welsh wonder Hannah Grace has released perhaps her finest track yet. On ‘The Bed You Made’, the title track of a forthcoming EP, she channels heartbreak into creating something truly heavenly. Lyrically it’s as open and heartfelt as they come, and the perspective it offers on the feeling of being betrayed and yet finding contentment in herself shows real strength and maturity, both as a person and as a songwriter. The simple yet soulful arrangement offers such warmth and comfort that the song just seems to embrace you and hold you close until the world seems that bit brighter. I also love how the majority of the video was filmed across a single long take which really adds to its open and honest atmosphere. As always though, it’s Hannah’s gloriously versatile vocals that steal both the spotlight and your heart. She’s going from strength to strength and her debut album just can’t come soon enough.

Top Ten Songs of 2016

best-songsTo coincide with this year’s Belwood Awards we’re introducing a new annual list of the top songs of the year. Apologies for the terrible oversight of not starting one sooner! After re-exploring numerous albums and playlists from January onwards, this list eventually formed after countless shuffle rounds and rethinks. Most of this year’s biggest tunes were from up-and-coming artists which needless to say is a very good sign of a thriving music scene. So without further ado, let’s get down to it:  Continue reading

Interview: Hannah Grace

hannah grace

Welsh wonder Hannah Grace has rapidly been gathering fans all across the UK and beyond. Her incredible vocals are the perfect match for gutsy blues, passionate soul, gossamer folk and everything in between. Her latest EP Mustang, released via Gabrielle Aplin’s Never Fade Records, sees her kick things up a notch and prove she’s a household name in the making. I was lucky enough to chat to her ahead of her headline UK tour. Continue reading

Top Tracks: Hannah Grace – Mustang

One of our Spotlight artists Hannah Grace is on a fast track to the top with her latest single. This wonderful Welsh singer/songwriter gives an electrifying performance with the furious blues anthem ‘Mustang’ which carries a message of being yourself and breaking free of the expectations that weigh you down. ‘Mustang’ is the title track of her latest EP which has been released ahead of her first ever headline UK tour. The music video features Irish actor Ferdia Walsh-Peelo who starred in the standout music movie of the year ‘Sing Street’, and needless to say these two rising talents are a perfect match. Hannah’s stunning and addictive vocals make this one of the best tracks of the year and it marks the next step of her meteoric rise.

Spotlight!: Hannah Grace

hannah grace

Hailing from Bridgend in South Wales, Hannah Grace boasts one of the most beautiful and versatile voices around. Rightly championed by fellow singer/songwriter Gabrielle Aplin, and having supported Hozier on his European tour, Hannah is quickly making a name for herself as one of the best new singers in the business. With the mellow flowing melodies of tracks such as ‘Chasing Butterflies’ to the gutsy blues of ‘Mustang’ she consistently delivers a resplendent vocal performance, channelling everyone from Carole King to Janis Joplin. Having been a regular on the festival circuit for a few years now she has gathered a fiercely loyal fanbase that is rapidly expanding. Just a short while listening to the honeyed heartfelt beauty of her vocals will leave you thinking that here is one immensely talented artist that seems destined for success.

Hannah’s latest EP Mustang is out 15th July and is a must for fans of Gabrielle Aplin, Rhodes and Birdy.