Cell Solutions: The Phone Dilemma

pexels-photo-106400.jpegJack White’s latest tour has been making headlines with it’s no phone policy in order to promote a more “human” experience. This is nothing new, as his previous tours included a message asking fans to put their phones away and rely on the professional pics from the tour photographer to satisfy their social media needs. The difference this time around is the fact that a humble request has escalated to actually enforcing a venue-wide ban, which has been seen as a very heavy-handed move and prompted others to question the problem surrounding the use of mobile phones at gigs.  Continue reading

Jack White plays the first vinyl record in space

jack white space vinyl

Space …the vinyl frontier. Musical mad scientist Jack White has completed his mission to play the first ever vinyl record in space. A gold plated 12-inch master of Carl Sagan’s ‘A Glorious Dawn’ was played by the specially designed Icarus Craft, which consisted of a specially engineered turntable attached to a high altitude balloon to take it to the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere. The world first came about thanks to former NASA member Kevin Carrico and the SATINS program who worked in collaboration with Jack White’s innovative label Third Man Records

Live Review: Jack White, Leeds, 17th Nov 2014

image source: jackwhiteiii.com

image source: jackwhiteiii.com

The musical mad scientist that is Jack White has been a juggernaut of rock music for a good few years now. Both with The White Stripes and with his side projects, The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather, he has written some of the most memorable riffs of a generation, composed crazy, artistic and innovative songs with equally amazing videos and has spearheaded the revival of the blues… all whilst acting like an over-the-top Johnny Depp character.  So with the recent tour supporting his latest solo effort ‘Lazaretto’,  I headed down to a gig in God’s own county to see whether or not he still had the magic touch. Continue reading