Album Review: The Dead Weather – Dodge and Burn

dead weatherThe Dead Weather – Dodge and Burn

Garage Rock | Alternative


The Dead Weather has always been the weakest of Jack White’s numerous projects. They haven’t had a big hit and whilst this is their best album it’s not quite good enough to make it worth listening to. It’s ramshackle at best and just sounds like a group of musicians on autopilot. Sadly it never takes off though, the closest it comes is ‘Three Dollar Hat’. It has a great grungey bass line and some intricate drum work from Jack, but like the rest of the album it suffers from poor lyrics. They are a bit daft at best, and at their worst they are a clusterfuck of sheer nonsense. ‘I Feel Love (Every Million Miles)’ is a prime example although it is saved somewhat  by the powerhouse chorus. The guitar work is nothing special and Alison Mosshart’s vocals have never been my cup of tea, the rhythm section is what desperately tries to cling on and keep Dodge and Burn from collapsing. If the rumours of Jack White’s extended hiatus are true then he has left us with a lacklustre swansong.