Spotlight!: Jake Davis


With his debut EP The Valley, LA native Jake Davis has shown what it takes to find success. Drive and ambition are essential for the music industry and they are two things that Jake has in spades. The Valley showcases a wide range of styles and genres often within the same song. ‘Half Past 9’ combines heavy synths with a top notch bass line to create a slice of gold standard electropop. ‘Saying It Right’ is a sure fire R&B summer anthem and his latest single ‘So Le Me Go’ throws a slick alternative rock riff into the mix, taking a leaf straight out of Lenny Kravitz’s book to really shake things up. His EP boasts a high standard of production, most of which is the result of Jake himself working from his home studio. There are plenty of people out there who can put out finely polished pop hits, and likewise there are many people who are gifted with vast musical talent and the urge to experiment. Rarely do the two schools of thought meet together in such a perfect match.

The Valley is out now for fans of Chvrches, Oh Wonder and M83

Top Tracks: Jake Davis – Saying it Right

Having caught the attention of music fans across the globe thanks to his stunning cover of Hozier’s ‘Work Song’, multi-instrumentalist Jake Davis is set to follow with his first EP The Valley. Lead single ‘Saying it Right’ is a perfect summer anthem. It plays around with the addictive electro pop mentality, an infectious R&B rhythm and ends on a high with a striking indie pop guitar solo. It’s the kind of airy and upbeat pop that can almost summon a glorious blue sky with it’s catching carefree energy. However beneath the light hearted melodies the lyrics deal with insecurity and struggling to connect, albeit in a cool and collected way. ‘Saying it Right’ displays a level of production and musicianship above what you would expect for such a shamelessly addictive pop song.