Top Ten EPs of 2019

top ten epsEvery year when list season comes around it’s always the EP list that proves to be the most difficult. It’s a hotly contested category, with plenty of worthy releases in contention for a place in the top ten, and 2019 was no exception. After much deliberation however, we have our winners! Continue reading

Top Tracks: John Adams – Flames

Welsh singer/songwriter John Adams is the kind of artist that you can’t help but root for. Part of that is down to the fact that he’s worked his way up from busking, his years of hard graft playing a key part in making him the artist he is today. But even without any back story, his new single ‘Flames’ is more than enough to win you over. Taken from his new EP No White Lies out 8th February, this soulful breakup ballad carries that rare universal appeal that most artists can only dream of, thanks in no small part to John having the kind of voice that just melts your heart. The simple but effective video further adds to the song’s charm, showing the threads that unite us getting more and more tangled over time, and in the end leaving us trapped in a web of our own making.

Top Tracks: John Adams – Things That Make You Beautiful

Rarely do you find a song, and it’s accompanying music video, that are so perfectly matched. The new track from singer/songwriter John Adams has used every possible avenue at his disposal to bring a tear to your eye. ‘Things That Make You Beautiful’, released 17th March, is a gorgeous ballad that shares a message of real love. It’s affirming and poetic lyrics speak of how beauty is more than just skin deep, and how it is the person within that truly captures you heart. Combine the track with it’s incredibly moving video of a blind dancer defying expectations, and you find it brings an air of elegance and grace to an already affecting music experience. With this track John Adams has truly created something to be proud of.