Top Tracks: Jonas Källstrand – Dad

I can’t remember the last time I heard so much meaning packed into such a brief song. Despite not even breaking the 3 minute mark, there’s so much feeling to be found in the latest single from Swedish singer/songwriter Jonas Källstrand. Exploring the sorrows of loss, and all the emptiness and uncertainty that follows, ‘Dad’ is a poignant and plaintive search for some ray of light to cling to. The beautifully bittersweet indie folk arrangement drifts and twirls like an autumn leaf on the breeze, and lends a comforting sense of melody to Jonas’ emotive lyricism. It’s closing refrain of “I’ve heard that no one is an island, but now the water’s closing in…” is left echoing in your thoughts as the song abruptly fades to silence, like the flicker of a candle flame snuffed out by the dark. But somehow nearly every line manages to strike a chord and tug at something deep down within. Partly due to the heart and emotion that Jonas imbues his performance with, but also thanks to how his words are so open for you to attach your own meaning. As well as offering catharsis for a sense of loss, there’s also comfort to be found here for any lost souls. Anyone, however lost or hurting or alone, can find their struggles reflected within.

Top Tracks: Jonas Källstrand – The House My Parents Later Sold

There are plenty of nostalgic tracks out there, but few as moving and bittersweet as this latest release from Swedish singer/songwriter Jonas Källstrand. It’s easy to have a rose-tinted view of days gone by, but while we may look back on the carefree days of youth as the best time of our lives, when living in those moments it often doesn’t feel that way. What makes ‘The House My Parents Later Sold’ so refreshing is that it places equal weight on the struggles and demons that our younger selves face. It’s easy to forget that the hard times and the mistakes that we make play just as important a role in making us who we are. ‘The House…’ seems to look upon both the good memories and the hard times with a measure of fondness and reverence, as both are responsible for setting us down the path we end up taking in life.