Cut and Paste Crisis: The problem with sampling

samplingIt’s no secret that when you look at the credits and personnel on certain albums, with hip hop, manufactured pop and modern R&B being the most notable culprits, you will see a long list of writers and producers. Albums from such artists as Beyoncé and Kanye West which have made big waves in the industry this past year seem to practically have an entire office block worth of people credited with making the music that made them famous. I imagine few of these people have made conscious contributions, many of them simply have had their work sampled. Continue reading

The Pablo Problem

Kanye West,  Kim Kardashian

During the ongoing mental breakdown that Kanye West calls his career, he has inadvertently done something interesting for a change. His latest album The Life Of Pablo was released solely on the Tidal streaming service, and subsequently since it’s release the songs on the album have been altered and remixed to essentially create a whole new album. It’s unclear whether the changes were because the album was unfinished or whether it was all just a publicity stunt, or a combination of the two, but it raises the question as to whether albums should be changed once they’re released to the world. Continue reading

Glastonbury 2015

glastonbury logo It’s been a bumpy ride but the world’s biggest and most important music festival has concluded for another year. Thankfully for those of us who live too far away, those who can’t afford a ticket and those who don’t fancy trying to scale the Great Wall of Glasto; the BBC have provided tireless coverage across the major stages. The next best thing to seeing the greatest show on earth in person is to watch it warm and dry at home with a cup of tea. Here are my highlights of the festival coverage from across the weekend: Continue reading