Spotlight!: King Cole


From the opening few bars of ‘Trouble’ it seems clear that the debut release from King Cole is nothing short of bliss incarnate. The gorgeous vibe that opens the Cold Blue EP seems all the more poignant when you discover that it was woven from a place of heartbreak and suffering, and it is soon tinged with a hint of bittersweet. The darker side of their music is most striking in the throes of ‘Friend Song’ which sits on the opposite end of the spectrum and evokes a keen sense of isolation. This breath-takingly evocative new Americana project is the labour of love of frontman Jacob Cole. Ranging from splendid psychedelica to soundtrack a hazy midwinter morning, to delicate folk so raw and personal it must be played on his own heartstrings, the whole release is permeated with a feeling that Jacob gives a piece of his soul to every song he creates. It defies logic that music so airy and fragile can be so powerful, as though moving a mountain with a gentle breeze. California’s King Cole can make all seem right with the world or bring a tear to your eye depending on whatever mood takes them.

Fans of Keaton Henson, Gavin James and the lighter side of Ryan Adams and The War On Drugs should check out their debut EP Cold Blue.