Top Tracks: S.I.L. – Lonely Nights

Sometimes reaching the end can give you a greater appreciation for even the smallest of steps you took on the journey to get there. When you get your big break and start living the life you’ve dreamt of, you recognise all the minor milestones that you neglected to celebrate as the leaps in progress they truly were. When you’re head over heels in love and look back at all those little moments – the stolen glances, the playful flirting, the brush of their skin against yours – and realise each and every one made you fall just that little bit deeper. ‘Lonely Nights’ is just such a journey. The subdued mellow R&B soundscape, the understated drum work that adds extra layers of intricacy and expression. Those warm soulful vocals, that irresistible groove that subtly snakes its way through the song. It’s only when you reach the pinnacle of this deftly crafted track, when it’s at its most vibrant and alluring and practically dragging you by the collar to the nearest makeshift dancefloor, that you truly appreciate the way that Orlando based duo S.I.L. were able to build it up piece by exquisite piece.