Top Tracks: Lots Holloway – Be Naked

lots hollowayThere’s always a place in my heart for artists that are versatile, that aren’t afraid to change-up their style and try new things. Lots caught my attention with her darker side a couple of years back, but her new single ‘Be Naked’ shows a different facet to her talents. As the title suggests this track is a much more intimate and vulnerable affair. The melodies warm and welcoming like the first sun of spring, its lyrics written directly from the heart. Following a journey of finding acceptance with a relationship falling apart, at times feeling almost like a confessional with herself as much as with a lover, it’s as honest and sincere as they come. ‘Be Naked’ shows the kind of emotional maturity that most people, never mind songwriters, fail to show. Being true to and accepting of your deepest feelings is a difficult task, to put it into song even more so, but Lots Holloway has managed it with this latest track.

Spotlight!: Lots Holloway

lots hollowayFollowing on from her bewitching single ‘Stay A Little Longer‘ earlier in the year, multi-instumentalist Lots Holloway is back to delight with her debut EP. Raised in a small town in Cornwall, before moving to London to hone her work, she has meticulously crafted these songs in her own unique style and carefully controlled every single aspect of her creations. The sweet expanse of ‘Slow Down’ shares a moral of savouring every moment of this fleeting life, while the superb bass tones of ‘Berry Bones’ are reminiscent of Bowie’s ‘Ashes To Ashes’. ‘Love Me’ sees Lots at her most infectious and accessible, while the stripped back ‘Between You And Me’ shows a whole new side to her, vulnerable and pleading. It’s a stark contrast to the venom infused vocals and experimental soundscapes of her previous single, and really shows Lots’ adaptability as an artist and as a songwriter. This self-taught and single-minded singer/songwriter showcases her talents with passion and purpose. Determined to carve out her own path, Lots is one to watch.

Fans of Lorde, PJ Harvey, Angel Olsen and Halsey should check out her debut EP Slow Down out 4th October.

Top Tracks: Lots Holloway – Stay A Little Longer

The word “bewitching” has somehow never felt so apt, as there’s no denying there’s something dark and mystical at play here. Born in Cornwall, but now based in London, singer/songwriter and self-taught multi-instrumentalist Lots Holloway really captivates you with her latest single ‘Stay A Little Longer’. Written about all the various manipulative people who end up dictating our lives, the suitably hypnotic video and Eastern vibes cast a spell over you like some mysterious snake charmer, with its hold on you getting deeper and deeper with each repeat. It carries a seductive air of danger while still remaining accessible enough to lure in scores of eager new listeners. With her debut EP and a string of UK dates on the way later this year, Lots is definitely one to watch!