Top Tracks: Lots Holloway – Be Naked

lots hollowayThere’s always a place in my heart for artists that are versatile, that aren’t afraid to change-up their style and try new things. Lots caught my attention with her darker side a couple of years back, but her new single ‘Be Naked’ shows a different facet to her talents. As the title suggests this track is a much more intimate and vulnerable affair. The melodies warm and welcoming like the first sun of spring, its lyrics written directly from the heart. Following a journey of finding acceptance with a relationship falling apart, at times feeling almost like a confessional with herself as much as with a lover, it’s as honest and sincere as they come. ‘Be Naked’ shows the kind of emotional maturity that most people, never mind songwriters, fail to show. Being true to and accepting of your deepest feelings is a difficult task, to put it into song even more so, but Lots Holloway has managed it with this latest track.