Top Tracks: Lizzie Reid – Love Of Her Life

When you first have your heart broken, it feels like a fierce storm is raging all through your body. A force of nature, wild and unpredictable, let loose: from the grey fog that clouds your mind, the dropping pressure in the empty pit in your stomach, to the stabs of pain in your tender heart like flashes of lightning. There’s so much disruption and upheaval that even the parts of your life you thought most enduring may form cracks down to their very foundations. ‘Love Of Her Life’, the new single from Scottish singer/songwriter Lizzie Reid, isn’t about the fury of the tempest. Instead this track from her upcoming EP Mooching, out August 31st, deals with the eerie stillness that follows. That period after the initial heartbreak where you can survey the damage with a fresh, wiser perspective now the dust has settled. Picking up the pieces and doing your best to move forward. Lizzie’s tender, wistful vocals take centre stage, with the soft and subtle arrangement punctuated with sublime bluesy riffs that pierce the calm like the rumble of distant thunder.