Top Tracks: Michael Lane – Moon & Sun

If there’s any positive I can take away from the seemingly endless months spent in lockdown, it is a greater appreciation for my home in the countryside. For years I quietly resented being out in the middle of nowhere, feeling detached from all the exciting hustle and bustle of city streets. But with life grinding to a halt, I found there’s no place I’d rather be right now. Where once I envied friends in the fast lane, I now wish I could share my oasis with them and offer an escape from their cramped boxes in an empty concrete jungle. The morning chorus of birdsong that welcomes you to a new day, the cool caress of the summer breeze against your skin, lush fields of wildflowers and the delicate flutter of butterflies adding much needed colour to the greyest of days. Even something so simple as the fresh air in your lungs and the warm sun beaming down, the kind of things you take for granted, do so much to bring a lightness to your heart. Singer/songwriter Michael Lane is distinctly familiar with that sense of comfort and release that nature brings on his brand new single ‘Moon & Sun’. This beautifully bright folk tune shares the uplifting spiritual sensation of basking in the everyday marvels around you. The life-affirming feeling that you’re a small part of this vast wondrous world around you, and that it in turn is a part of you.

Top Tracks: Michael Lane – Coming Home

What truly is “home”? Is it the place where our bed is, the building that contains most of our possessions, the house we spend more time in than any other? Is it the same four walls we’ve been staring at while in lockdown for most of the year? When you think about it, home needn’t be connected to just one place, home is wherever you make it. It’s wherever you find safety, peace and comfort, it’s how you feel when you’re surrounded by the people that love you, it’s your sanctuary from the outside world. Home isn’t four walls, it’s a feeling of contentment and meaning that you can carry with you. The new track from Michael Lane not only serves to remind us of that fact, but also offers a taste of how it feels. He breathes blissfully vivid imagery into every line of this track; birdsong and babbling brooks, forests and fireflies, sunsets and the smile of your dearest love as you walk hand in hand. All set against a musical backdrop of soothing and contemplative folk, ‘Coming Home’ provides the very refuge it describes, and reminds us not to take the small moments of quiet joy for granted.