Top Tracks: Stray Fossa – Miss The Darker Nights

I think all of us that grow up in the countryside have longing for city life somewhere deep down. The bright lights, the hustle and bustle, all the fresh ideas and interesting people, being a part of something greater than yourself. There are a million songs about hectic city life, but so few deal with the eventual burnout that comes to everyone at some point. A sensory overload hits sooner or later, and you suddenly see the lure of the quiet life you left behind and took for granted for so long. ‘Miss The Darker Nights’ captures that feeling perfectly. Boasting dreamy synths and wonderfully expressive bass tones, Stray Fossa’s new single is the kind of song you can just get lost in. Let it bring the captivating calm of the quiet life straight to you, soothing even the most frayed of nerves in the most madcap cityscapes.