Top Tracks: Monti – Cowards Castle

We all build emotional walls around ourselves to a certain degree, but some people find it all too easy to take things too far. They keep building brick by brick, pushing you further and further away, and before you know it you realise they sit atop some lofty spire while you’re left out in the cold. There’s no point beating bloody fists at the gates of the citadel, when you can barely even recognise the person atop the tower as someone that you once cared about. This stunning new track sees Monti walk away dignity and purpose as the walls crumble to dust behind her. Full of pop sensibilities, boasting passionate soulful vocals and a cathartic guitar driven climax, ‘Cowards Castle’ is one of the first big stand-out songs of the year.

Top Tracks: Monti – Echo

This new tracks from LA based artist Monti combines two of my favourite things: an uplifting message and an outside-the-box music video. With a few hints of Halsey, ‘Echo’ boasts expressive synths and emphatic drum beats to give its message of reassurance and solidarity for those facing adversity that bit more power. Likewise the music video, showing the vibrancy of passion and creativity against a bleak backdrop of poverty and hardship, ending with a heartwarming and indiscriminate act of kindness. Both the music and the visual are a perfect match. ‘Echo’ delivers everything it promises and then some. Whether the song provides comfort for whatever misfortune is holding you back, or compels you to help others battling their demons, Monti’s new single is sure to leave its mark on you.