Is old music better?


“Modern music is rubbish!” It’s a phrase that we see often, in some shape or form. But is old music really better? Has there been a decline in music quality over the years or is it all just psychological? As is usually the case with these sorts of questions there is no simple answer. Before anyone starts throwing stones at any top 40 artists lets all take a moment to think about the big picture. Continue reading

Is there such thing as good music?


If you’re the kind of person to get into lengthy and heated debates about music, then you’ll be used to someone interjecting with a comment along the lines of “Music is an art form, it’s all just opinion and personal taste”. It’s the kind of remark that requires some thinking time and possibly some more lengthy discussion. Saying that it’s all based on opinion does then pose us with the question as to whether there’s even such thing as good or bad music. Short answer? Yes… but It’s not quite so simple as that. Continue reading