Top Tracks: Hannah Grace – Silver Lining

They say that every cloud has a silver lining. But when times are tough, when the sky is just a swirling tempest of grey stretching from horizon to horizon, that hopeful spark we so desperately long for can be hard to find. Though we’re often more resilient than we give ourselves credit for, trying to weather the storm and wait patiently for that bright sliver to show isn’t always the best option. This uplifting new song from Belwood favourite Hannah Grace presents a different approach; being the change you want to see in the world, by painting your own silver lining across the sky when there’s none to be found. With a beautifully understated arrangement that gives her golden vocals room to glow, it offers all the comfort and respite found in that moment of calm once the storm has passed. Taken from her forthcoming EP Devoted, out this July, it’s a gorgeous first peek at what this promising new chapter has in store.

Belwood Music Awards 2022

As the time for ringing in the new year draws ever closer, let’s take a moment for one last glance back at the past twelve months. The music that most defined our 2022, that provided the soundtrack of our summer and kept us company on the long winter nights. Without further ado, here are our awards for the most noteworthy releases of the year. Continue reading

Top Ten Albums of 2022

Time for the big one; the best albums of the year. Reflecting honestly on the biggest releases of the past twelve months, I can’t help but feel that 2022 was an off year for albums. More so than any year in the blog’s history, it felt like there was an abundance of albums that either missed the mark or just flat out failed to spark excitement. They’re not what we’re for however, and if anything they merely helped make the most brilliant records of the year seem to shine all the brighter. Here are the albums that broke the mould, that met and exceeded expectations, and provided the standout musical delights of the past year. Continue reading

Top Ten EPs of 2022

Time now for what always proves to be our most hotly contested list each year. EPs are such an important creative tool for new artists especially, and there’s such a wealth of them out there that we barely scratch the surface of them with the few that fit in our Spotlight! series. In a way this feels like the most important list of the season as it gives us chance to shine a light on releases that we don’t otherwise get the opportunity to talk about. Great things often come in small packages, and here are our picks for the EPs that left the biggest impressions in 2022. Continue reading

Top Ten Songs of 2022

As we leave the most vibrant visuals of 2022 behind us, it’s now time to dive right in to the best music to grace our ears this past year. The songs that soundtracked our ups and downs; that we belted out at the top of our lungs, that we took comfort and refuge in while they played on repeat, that took pride of place in our playlists and became an almost constant companion. Here are the songs that best capture this past year for us: Continue reading

Top Ten Videos of 2022

Our Listmas celebrations continue as we dive in to some of the best music videos of the past twelve months. Much like our album covers list, it’s an opportunity to show some appreciation for all the hard work that goes into making the accompanying visuals that help turn music releases into a real feast for the senses. Whether a pitch perfect pairing for a specific song, or a work of art in its own right that transcends the music, these are our picks for the best videos of the year. Continue reading

Top Ten Album Covers of 2022

Another year comes to a close, one that has seen a return to normality after the pandemic years, alongside fresh hardships that we’ve all done our best to endure. Through all those ups and downs, each euphoric release and every downtrodden daydream of better things, we’ve been able to count on great art being our constant companion. That’s right, list season is upon us once again; a chance to reflect on all the beauty of the past twelve months. Our Listmas celebrations begin as ever with a look at the year’s most endearing and attention grabbing artwork. Continue reading

Top Tracks: Andie Mechanic – Call It Even

I’ve heard it said many times that falling in love is something that happens slowly, then all at once. Sometimes it’s hard to put your finger on what the point of no return was, one day a switched just flipped within you without you even realising. Other times though, the rush just hits and leaves you reeling. One moment you’re swept up in the current, and the next you’re over the precipice of the waterfall. ‘Call It Even’ won me over slowly at first. The soft airy arrangement, the subtle hints of background chatter that makes it feel like the outside world is fading into a blur when you press play. Boston based singer/songwriter Andie Mechanic’s crystal clear vocals, the rich melodies and relatable lyrics rooted in Swiftian sensibilities that speak of a struggle to move on. All of it set me on the course of falling for this track, but in the end it was one line that offered that final push: “we weren’t even real enough to have a real goodbye“. So simple and yet still so striking.

Top Tracks: Freddy Hall – That’s What You Do

I think I’ll always be awed by the power people find in music to express themselves and share what’s in their heart. Sometimes it’s hard to get a grasp on what we’re feeling, let alone share it with someone else. But in using music as an artistic outlet, something about the process not only aids looking inwards, but also helps you find the words to describe what you find there. The sincere balladry of ‘That’s What You Do’ is a prime example: it details the whirlwind of fear and anxiety that precedes coming out; taking this heart-wrenching torrent of emotional uncertainty, by its very nature something almost impossible to articulate without your voice catching in your throat, and lays it all out clear as day. It’s a testament to the cathartic power of music, but more so to the songwriting talents of Freddy Hall. To bare your soul to the world is admirable in itself, but to translate all that pain and doubt that plagued you into something this breathtakingly elegant is the mark of something special.