Best Songs of the 2010s (#25-1)

songs2It’s time to live in the past for just one brief moment longer before we fully embrace the future. Time for one last shot of nostalgia as we look at the very best songs of the past ten years. Songs that dominated the airwaves and became anthems for millions, and the ones that formed the backbone of our playlists and became the musical lifeblood of a more personal journey. Songs that have hyped us up ready to take on the world and ones that helped us escape into daydreams, ones that have given us goosebumps and some that have even brought us close to tears. So, assuming you’ve caught up with part one, let’s get to it! Continue reading

Live Review: Barn on the Farm Festival 2017

DSCN0562My favourite weekend of the year, bar none, has sadly been and gone. But in its wake it has left behind memories that will stay with me for many more years to come. The line-up for 2017 was a curious one. Though it was lauded as their most ambitious to date, there weren’t actually that many names I was familiar with. While previous festivals had gathered together some of my favourite up-and-coming artists, 2017 was all about adding new names to that list… as well as checking in with a couple of old favourites of course! I wandered around the pastoral paradise clutching my programme like some racing punter following his gut; the key difference being that Barn on the Farm kept up the trend of providing nothing but winners.  Continue reading

Belwood Music Awards 2016

belwood-awardsI think for most of us 2016 has been a pretty bleak year; marred by death, destruction and division. One of the few guiding lights to lead us through the darkness has been the exemplary music gifted to us by rising stars, and left behind as a final swansong by dearly departed legends. As we move on into an uncertain 2017 let us look back on the year’s lows as chances to learn and grow, and revel in the highs that show the potential majesty of the human spirit. Here’s Belwood Music’s brief picks of a few of the brightest musical beacons of the past twelve months:  Continue reading

Top Ten Songs of 2016

best-songsTo coincide with this year’s Belwood Awards we’re introducing a new annual list of the top songs of the year. Apologies for the terrible oversight of not starting one sooner! After re-exploring numerous albums and playlists from January onwards, this list eventually formed after countless shuffle rounds and rethinks. Most of this year’s biggest tunes were from up-and-coming artists which needless to say is a very good sign of a thriving music scene. So without further ado, let’s get down to it:  Continue reading

Live Review: Barn on the Farm Festival 2016

001.JPGFor one brief golden weekend this gorgeous little patch of English countryside undoubtedly holds the title of the happiest place on Earth. As well as having built a reputation as one of the keenest eyes for new rising talent, Barn on the Farm above all else boasts an inescapable atmosphere of joy and togetherness. With so much in it’s favour it’s little wonder that I, along with the rest of the ever-growing Farm family, eagerly made my way back to my spiritual home for another year of incredible music and priceless memories. Continue reading

Live Review: Rationale, The Bodega Nottingham, 31st March 2016


It feels like far too long since I’ve been to a concert, so it felt important that my first live music of the year should be something special. Having emerged out of anonymity, London based singer Rationale has already had his hit single ‘Something For Nothing’ playlisted on Radio 1 and has delivered the most acclaimed set at this year’s Future Festival at the legendary Maida Vale studios. It’s artists like him that are the ones making waves in British music, so I joined him in Nottingham to witness the latest step of his meteoric rise. Continue reading

Spotlight!: Rationale


In the modern world of social media, anonymity has become a surprisingly powerful tool. London based musician and producer Rationale has used his air of mystery to full effect to make sure it was his music that gave people their first impression of him. He has since emerged from the shadows and appeared in the powerful music video for the title track of his stunning debut EP ‘Fuel to the Fire’. The intermingling electronica, R&B and psychedelics are kept grounded by the profoundly meaningful lyrics and Rationale’s arresting vocals. The self produced release is simply immaculate, even down to the gorgeous artwork. Rationale has started things the right way to spark people’s interest, and with the release of his latest single ‘Something for Nothing’ he’s ready to set the world alight.

Fans of Jack Garratt, The Weeknd and Alabama Shakes may have just found a new favourite artist