Top Tracks: Tancred – Reviews

‘Reviews’ is my first experience of Tancred, but it certainly won’t be the last. This first single from forthcoming album Nightstand, out 1st June, showcases an astounding interplay of light and shade. With the imposing bass tones and sombre, introspective lyricism juxtaposed against bright flashes of indie guitar and keyboards, and infectious pop melodies, this track is a paragon of bittersweet brilliance. There are two whole worlds captured here in a mere three minutes, the perfect musical yin and yang. The music is equal parts lush and lo-fi, and the contrast between the downcast lyrics of the verses to the heartwarming hints of optimism in the chorus says something of the two sides at war within all of us. Both the storm cloud and the silver lining, this is truly a song for every occasion.