Top Tracks: Julian Fulton – Rosie’s Disposition

Eclectic New Jersey based singer/songwriter Julian Fulton is back with his latest single. ‘Rosie’s Disposition’ is taken from his upcoming EP Battered Receptions out 12th May, and the proceeds from pre-orders going towards the ACLU. This latest offering kick-starts with a frenetic stream of consciousness style lyricism, before delving into a world of bright, upbeat indie riffs and big memorable hooks. Yet again Julian has proven his adeptness for blurring the lines between genres. A brief break within the track features some delicate acoustic guitar and atmospheric choral harmonies, while the closing moments briefly showcase the kind of whimsical psychedelica you’d expect to find on Sgt. Pepper. Like his previous track ‘Howl‘, ‘Rosie’s Disposition’ is the product of a wildly imaginative mind, of someone who loves and revels in all forms of music, and it is perfect for those souls of a similar nature.