Top Tracks: Russian Baths – Slenderman

Sometimes there’s real beauty in chaos. In the waves crashing haphazardly upon the shore, or the unpredictable flicker of flames that we find so bewitching. The new single from Brooklyn’s Russian Baths is certainly chaotic – it’s wild, and fierce, and uncompromising – but also beautiful. ‘Slenderman’, taken from their Penance EP, is an exhilarating ride wherein each element plays a key role. The wild percussion teeters on the precipice of disorder, imparting such a volatile vibe to the track. The relentless pounding bass is like the footfalls of some unseen horror rushing towards you, while the whirlwind guitar bursts forth and spirals towards the heavens. At the centre of it all are the serene hazy vocals, the calm at the eye of the hurricane. Really, this whole track is as mental as it is marvellous.