Top Tracks: Stay Inside – Fever and Jealousy

We all need to shut out the world for a time every now and then to keep us from falling apart at the seams, but often it’s your own voice that’s the hardest to drown out. All those paranoid little insecurities that gnaw away at you from within, all that overthinking poisoning relationships and experiences. Deep down you know that it’s just your mind playing tricks on you, but that doesn’t stop you jumping at shadows in the dark recesses of your thoughts. The new single from Stay Inside, taken from their superbly titled new EP The Sea Engulfs Us and the Light Goes Out released 23rd February, perfectly captures that feeling and offers a chaotic and electrifying sense of catharsis. The combination of passionate post-hardcore vocals and expansive post punk soundscapes feels like a shrill call out to the void, a search for answers where there are none to be found.