Top Tracks: Supercaan – The Bull

If you asked me to describe the perfect late night drive song, the end result would likely sound a lot like the debut single from Supercaan. If anything, ‘The Bull’ is a nocturnal adventure all on its own. The driving post punk bass line is at the centre of it all; never faltering, concerned only with moving forward. The shimmering synths seem to spark into life and then fade away back into the night like all the sights that pass you by, while others seem to build and grow like the warm glow of a city that you’re winding your way towards. The deep, purposeful vocals just resonate with you the same way thoughts echo through your mind in the inevitable introspective moments. An absolute must for fans of The National, ‘The Bull’ is a great start for Supercaan and I’m excited to see where this particular journey leads.