Top Tracks: The Bergamot – Young Again

You never appreciate what you have until it is gone. When you’re young there’s nothing you long for more than being older. To have new doors open to you, to travel far and wide and see everything there is to see, to have the chance to achieve great things and make the world a better place. When we get there however, the first thing we wish for is to turn back the clock to a simpler time. It’s not that all those things aren’t possible, it’s just that our spirit gets slowly eroded along the way, and optimism falls away in the face of a harsh reality. We stop seeing the world through the same youthful lens of wonder and ambition. While ‘Young Again’, the new single from husband and wife duo The Bergamot, mourns the loss of that youthful mindset as we enter a bleaker world than anticipated, it also serves as a hopeful warning. A message that if a few of us can just cling on to those ideas of youth, the hope, the determination, the love and optimism, then maybe we can build a world that’s less inclined to break us down. Make an adulthood worth growing up for.

Top Tracks: The Bergamot – L.A.

I’ve lost count of how many press releases I’ve read that tell a tale of artists leaving home and heading to L.A. to find themselves. The fact that I’m hearing from them, that they are making music and sharing it with the world, makes them the lucky ones. What about all the artists that risk it all in pursuit of a dream, and find themselves no closer to it. Think too of all the budding actors, or folks starting new business ventures, or those just hoping to find any sort of meaning or purpose. All drawn in by the allure of the city of angels only to find it doesn’t hold all the answers.

The new single from husband and wife duo The Bergamot is in many ways a song about being strong enough to admit defeat and walk away. The heavy thud of the drums and the atmospheric reverb remind me of how in times of deep sorrow you feel numb to the world. You’re so lost in your thoughts that it sounds like a barrier blocking out everything around you. At the same time, within the bittersweet harmonies and gentle guitar, you find glimmers of hope. ‘L.A’ doesn’t mourn the end of a story, it is merely mourning the end of an important chapter. It’s a song to give you the strength to let go of broken dreams and turn instead to see what awaits upon a new horizon.