Top Tracks: The Dumes – GWTC

They say the only things that are certain in life are death and taxes, but I’d say we can throw just general adversity into that category too. And as much as we dislike them, they all serve a purpose. We all face hardship at some point, but in overcoming it we can hope to grow and become wiser and better people. Written by frontwoman Elodie Tomlinson during a time of struggle and subsequent self-discovery, ‘GWTC’ (gone with the city) is a song that knows all about growth. The airy intro slowly gathers itself together, and draws you in with it, before kicking into overdrive as it reaches a rewarding climax complete with soaring guitar tones and lush melodies. This LA band wear their heart on their sleeve with this new single, and manage to make such a raw track feel almost effortless.