Top Tracks: The Little Kicks – Right To Be Here

No one else tears us down half as much as that little voice in the back of our own minds. The one that tries to convince you that you’ll fall flat on your face every time you step out of your comfort zone, the one that belittles and trivializes your every accomplishment, the one that says you’re perpetually two steps behind everyone else. It’s something we all hear nattering away on the side-lines now and then, but it becomes all the louder when working in a creative industry like music. Imposter syndrome works overtime to undermine everything you’ve built. With ‘Right To Be Here’ Aberdeen indie outfit The Little Kicks offer a firm and defiant stand against that debilitating fear and doubt. Taken from their forthcoming album People Need Love, out 30th September, the Scottish rockers’ latest single boasts warm soulful vibes, an understated funky groove, and a sense of elegance and grandeur to its immaculately produced arrangement that all comes to a head in its uplifting climax. In an age of doubt and self-deprecation, taking pride in yourself becomes a radical act, and never before has that particular sin sounded quite so heavenly.

Interview: The Little Kicks

the-little-kicks-interviewAfter taking some much needed time away to reflect and find some fresh perspective, Aberdeen indie pop band The Little Kicks are back and better than ever. Equal parts fun and finesse, silly and sophisticated, electronic and orchestral, their new album Shake Off Your Troubles is one of the most surprising and rewarding albums of the year thus far. I caught up with Steven Milne from The Little Kicks to talk about the new album ahead of it’s release:  Continue reading

Top Tracks: The Little Kicks – You And Someone Like Me

The Aberdeen based indie rock quartet have returned with the new single from their upcoming album. The upbeat electropop of ‘You And Someone Like Me’ boasts an infectious funky rhythm which will surely see it in heavy rotation in indie discos across the UK and beyond. The track is made all the more delightful by it’s motion capture music video. The day will never come when I find dancing skeletons anything but sheer unbridled joy, and these boney bandmates have some damn slick dance moves. The winning combination of hit track and endearingly quirky video make this a real feast for the senses. The Little Kicks have already shown themselves to be one of the best Scottish bands of the decade and if their new single is anything to go by then the sky is the limit.