Album Review: The Little Kicks – Shake Off Your Troubles

the-little-kicksThe Little Kicks – Shake Off Your Troubles

Indie Pop | Electropop | Baroque Pop


With their latest quirky electropop single ‘You & Someone Like Me’, I had expected the rest of the new album from Aberdeen indie band The Little Kicks to follow a similar path. Instead I find that the single is but one facet of this gem of a record. From the album’s opening instrumental that sounds like part of the Stranger Things soundtrack, it’s clear from the outset that there is a lot more on offer. ‘Don’t Get Mad, Get Even’ plays around with a Bear’s Den style synth driven Americana, ‘Goodbye Enemies, Hello Friends’ has hints of The Divine Comedy and ‘Let’s Get Lost Together’ combines some bright indie riffs with an air of Viva La Vida era Coldplay.

The album really caught me off-guard in the best sense. It finds the perfect balance between traditional indie, interesting electronica and more refined orchestral sounds. Despite it’s diversity it is a very cohesive record, with all the tracks coming together to ensure that it’s greater than the sum of it’s parts. It’s not an album you’d pluck many hits from, but one you’d quite happily sit and listen to, which perhaps is the rarer of the two scenarios. This is indie pop at it’s most sophisticated. It’s a curious little outlier in the scene, which means it might struggle to find the right audience, but there are plenty of subtle little nuances here that are sure to win over those willing to the give the album the time and attention it deserves.