Spotlight!: The Rareflowers

the rareflowers

Photo by HoJun Yu

The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all, and it was from the ashes of their former bands that the seeds of this new indie trio were sown. Hailing from New Jersey, The Rareflowers make a great first impression with their assured and eclectic eponymous EP. ‘Trip into the Sun’ uses hints of harmonica and some western style riffs to give an Americana-tinged twist on this melody rich indie track, while the EPs closing song ‘Shake‘ flits seamlessly between styles with the best of them. The combination of bright jangly 60s pop and funky bass tones makes the appropriately titled ‘June’ simply exude summery vibes with every note, while the airy soundscape of ‘New Generation’ is reminiscent in places of The War On Drugs. The Rareflowers have managed to cultivate a diverse sound while still maintaining their own clear identity, which is no mean feat. The band still have a lot of potential to grow, but this first EP shows a lot of promise and offers the firm foundation they need to be able to explore further.

Fans of The War On Drugs, Ryan Adams and Teenage Fanclub should check out The Rareflowers’ eponymous debut EP


Top Tracks: The Rareflowers – Shake

The more you listen to ‘Shake’ the more you start to uncover. This track from New Jersey based trio The Rareflowers, taken from their eponymous debut EP out 29th June, plays almost like a microcosm of American music. The opening few seconds of bass sound like the start of some melancholy alternative track from the 90s before the bright jangly guitar kicks in like some spark igniting. With hints of classic 60s surf rock, a mellow psychedelic breakdown, and plenty of that indescribable heartland charm, The Rareflowers are in full bloom with this sun-drenched new single. All across America you find different iconic sounds and unique musical heritages as you go. In ‘Shake’ there is a sense of the familiar. No matter where you may find yourself you can play this eclectic song and people will find something they can connect with. This is a taste of the many flavours of the States, bottled and ready to go.