Top Tracks: Tom Leeb – Are We Too Late

Any song whose video opens with a gorgeous car cruising through serene countryside gets an enthusiastic thumbs up from me, but there’s a lot more to the latest single from French folk artist Tom Leeb than just its wanderlust inducing visuals. Tom’s striking gritty vocals work wonderfully with the elegant swell of strings to make a song that is raw and passionate, whilst also carrying a quiet air of thoughtfulness. Detailing the struggles of a long distance relationship, of being loved but still feeling isolated, that feeling of sand slipping through your fingers no matter how hard you cling on, it is a masterclass in heartfelt songwriting. Though the love regaled in the song may end in heartbreak, the song itself is a long distance love built to last, as with ‘Are We Too Late’ Tom will assuredly make people the world over fall in love with his music.